Department of Psychiatric Nursing

The department undertakes the basic responsibilities of Teaching Learning activities to the certificate and bachelor courses of Nursing in addition its nursing sub-speciality of M.Sc. in Psychiatry Nursing students. Prime responsibilities of Patient care and community services are also carried on along with the Research activities, which are always a priority in the field.

The postgraduate course comprises of Ward postings, Clinical classes, seminars and clinical presentations.

Comprehensive patient care services are provided in the concerned ward, keeping in mind the holistic nursing approach. Interactive sessions on patient problems, nature of illness, treatment, supportive care etc, for the patient and relatives is conducted weekly. Monthly staff meetings, formal and informal health education sessions and occupational therapy for patients are conducted regularly and on need basis.

Email (HOD): [email protected]
Phone : 025-525555 Ext. 9
Fax : 025 - 520251

List of Faculty Members

Mrs Sami Lama HOD

Mrs Nirmala Pradhan

Mrs Kriti Thapa

Mrs. Rita Pokharel