Department of Ophthalmology

The department started from 1994 along with the MBBS course and extended its PG program since 1999. The department runs academic, research and hospital services all round.

The academic programs offers excellent teaching learning activities (case presentations, topic review, Journal presentations, Seminars, Group Discussions and Clinical Ground Round) and enough clinical and surgical exposure.

Besides teaching and learning activities to the residents of the department and undergraduate students, it also runs visiting clerkship for students abroad. Students from Netherlands, Maastricht University stay here for 5 weeks for the clerkship.

Hospital services in form of regular and speciality OPDs, In-patient services and major/minor Operations are performed on routine and emergency basis. Eye Banking, Penetrating Keratoplasty, Amniotic membrane transplantation, Autologous serum for ocular surface diseases, Limbal stem cell transplantation are amongst the latest addendum to the clinical services.

Email (HOD): [email protected]
Email (O): [email protected]
Phone (HOD) : 025- 525555 Ext. 2036
Phone (O) : 025- 525555 Ext. 5320
Fax : 025 - 520251

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Poonam Lavaju HOD


Dr. Shailesh Mani Pokharel

Associate Professor

Dr. Sangeeta Shah

Associate Professor

Dr. Santosh Chaudhary

Assistant Professor