Department of Community Health Nursing

The department in addition to teaching learning activities, carries out community postings and learnings in the community. The department holds strong belief in learning through community interaction and participation. Hence postings to communities and various other organisations are held regularly. As an integral component of Community Health Nursing; Community Diagnosis Programme and Health Management programme are held yearly. Home visits and school health programme and institutional visits are also regularly held as per the curriculum. Focused postings for Maternal and child health and Family planning are also held. Besides, additional care of the clients in various OPDs of BPKIHS and patient care in emergency, tropical and different wards of BPKIHS are also provided. Research projects involving the communities are done regularly.

The department has plans to run mobile clinics for needy community in association with other departments of BPKIHS. A short term training on occupational health is also on the pipeline.

Email (HOD): [email protected]
Phone : 025-525555 Ext. 9
Fax : 025 - 520251

List of Faculty Members

Mr Shyam Lamsal HOD

Mrs Angur Badhu (Dhital)

Dr. Tara Shah

Mrs Sharmila Shrestha

Mrs Dewa Adhikari (Rijal)

Mrs Rambha Sigdel