Emergency Hospital Services at BPKIHS

The Emergency Department at BPKIHS provides care to patients with urgent medical conditions ranging from complex problems to simple but pressing ones. Care is provided 24 hours a day, serving more than 40,000 patients a year. The Emergency at BPKIHS is currently the largest (in manpower) in Nepal and provides state-of-the-art comprehensive, individualized emergency medical care and urgent care to the citizens of the eastern region of Nepal and the surrounding areas of India. The manpower of over 100 personnel from HOD to Helpers makes rational for its daily patient inflow of around 130 patients per day. The difference starts from the TRIAGE:

The Australasian TRIAGE scoring system at BPKIHS is the first instance as such in Nepal and now the similar practice is being replicated by other institutions of Nepal and India following the huge success at BPKIHS.

After the triage nurse assessment, a patient is given an ATS Scoring. According to the score, patients are then escorted to their respective treatment areas; Resuscitation Area for ATS 1 and 2, C1/ C2 for ATS 3 and E area for ATS 4/ ATS 5. The TRIAGE process is dynamic means the scoring is reassessed and re-triaging done according to the patient condition and hence patients are re-shifted according to their requirements. The resuscitation area is well equipped with Cardiac and Oxygen monitors, SPO2 probes, Oxygen delivery system, Suction, defibrillators, etc. which are required for active resuscitation of the patient.

With the facility of Emergency Operation Theatre, Emergency X-ray, Emergency CT Scan and USG 24 × 7, the promptness one may need in the emergency can be achieved easily. Emergency Laboratory services are prompt giving results within 2 hours. ECG is done bedside and ABG analysis within minutes. On-call residents from various departments stay at emergency stay at ER to provide expert care and make possible admissions at Wards promptly.

There is a separate Emergency in Observation room for patients who are stable but need observation for some time before discharge. Every case in the Emergency Room is assessed by experienced and qualified doctors in direct supervision of the Emergency Residents and Faculty. Thus one can be assured of the services provided by the Emergency at BPKIHS and regard it as one of the best examples of critical care in grounds of limited resources.