B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

Ghopa, Dharan, Nepal

Health Professions Education

The department organises teachers training program and other professional development activities in co-ordination and support from the various health experts in health professions education. Teachers’ training on Essential Skills in Health Professions Education & Scientific writing skills; Ongoing researches and publication of scientific papers on medical professions and education along with contributions to the BPKIHS scientific journal (Health Renaissance) and BPKIHS Annual Report & Plan of actions are some activities to mention.

The department also offers training opportunities on community based and community oriented medical education to international students in coordination with various departments.

Faculties in this Department

Email (HOD): hod.hpe@bpkihs.edu
Email (O): office.hpe@bpkihs.edu
Phone (HOD) : 025- 525555 Ext. 5440
Phone (O) : 025- 525555 Ext.
Fax : 025 - 520251